Published on February 9 2021

There are many lucrative businesses to choose from if one wants to start a business in Singapore. From local entrepreneurs to foreign expatriates, the choices are many, considering the growing economy of Singapore. While many companies require licenses to start operations and have restrictive government policies, some areas have easy setup policies, like starting a Interior Design company in Singapore .  This industry has seen prolific growth over the past decade. No wonder Singapore has one of the most advanced interior design institutions that offer students and entrepreneurs interior design courses to hone up their skills.

Once one is armed with a good interior designer degree from a reputed school, they can start an interior design firm. Creating a setup is easy. One needs to have an office space and a skilled workforce. However, one should also keep in mind that hundreds of such businesses already exist in the market and are plying their trade with a well-settled setup and stable client base.  So how does one make a mark in this cut-throat competition?

Some tips on setting up an interior design firm

The first thing is planning when setting up a new firm. Depending on one’s requirement, one can start as a sole owner or a partnership with someone who has already experienced this trade.  Suppose the work relates only to interior decoration. In that case, no licenses are required from Singapore's Urban Redevelopment authority unless one is also into some construction activity.

Depending on which niche area one wants to specialize in, there are a few options to choose from.

  • Interior decoration and designing of residential properties
  • Design and construction of industrial and commercial sites
  • Restoration and preservation work of commercial and residential spaces
  • Sale   of interior designs fittings and decorative items

Marketing Techniques

Apart from reaching out to friends, acquaintances, and people in social circles and offering one's services, one needs to promote oneself.  The second option is going digital. To sell and make oneself visible in this market, what better way than to have a beautiful website highlighting the company's credentials. The vast number of internet users in Singapore is pretty high, which means increased visibility when promoting one’s business online.  Nowadays, people want instant information for any product or service, and websites are the best way to get the required information, including interior designer services.

Using digital marketing techniques like blogs, affiliate marketing, and advertising on YouTube can reach a vast audience.  Regular content can help increase the firm's website traffic and give the visitors a clue what to expect from one's interior designer services in Singapore. If the contents are attractive and captivating, then slowly, viewers will turn to subscribers, and chances that they may convert into your customers.


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Published on August 17 2020

As a person who invested a lot of money in his new home, you must feel tempted to explore your creativity and design the look and layout of your living area in a way that you have always wanted. However, it would be better for you if you simply get a team of interior designers to work on your home instead of deciding on the design all by yourself. You can always discuss the creative ideas that you have in your mind with them and the designers can certainly implement them in your home. In this way, you can get precisely what you are looking for without running the risk of making any errors.

Currently there are many reputed HDB interior design companies that can provide you with fully customized solutions as per your needs. All you have to do is let them know a design concept that you are looking to try out and they can work on that for you. The interior designers in Singapore are familiar with all the latest trends and practices of the industry and therefore they can definitely come up with an effective way to help you get the most out of the space in your home.

Since the best interior designers in Singapore work with different types of residential and commercial projects, they can use their ideas to make your home a truly beautiful place to live in. They may also use some designing ideas normally associated with commercial projects and then incorporate them into your home. For instance, if you want a bar space in your home, they can create that for you so that you have no trouble in having a nice space to keep the drinks. You can also ask them to design the patio area of your home or the bedroom so that it looks one of a kind.      

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Published on May 12 2020

Interior designing is a creative journey that you want to embark with only the best in the industry. No matter what your decor plans are, or how small your budget is, it would behoove you to keep your choice of provider limited among award winning interior design companies in Singapore. You wonder why? Of course, you are right to be concerned about the price inflation that comes with making such a choice, but the expense, rest assured, will all be for a worthy cause.

Award-winner designers bring to the table some things that other companies are not quick to offer. It is there things that make them worth hiring for your personal projects. Let’s find out the things that make hiring such a provider to your benefit.

Awe-Inspiring Designs

When hiring a designer, a person’s priority is quality output. You will meet many contractors that will promise you that, and they may even do the best they can to deliver you quality results, but there aren’t many who attain that goal in the end. Award-winning decorators have all the accolades under their belt for the reason of awe-inspiring works and hiring them, that bit is assured.

Space Maximization

The strength of a great designer is not just delivering great designs, but also improving the spatiality of the space. Through designs, award winning interior design experts can make space and close spaces appear wide and open. They can also improve the usability of the available space by a good measure just with effective designing.

Money Back Guarantee

Last but not the least, you want to hire nobody by a recognized company for your interiors because they offer money back guarantee. Being insured, these guys can offer full conditional money-back guarantees that most average companies fail to do.


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Published on January 1 2020

Interior designing plays an important role to decorate your business place, home, or office cabin. It explains your lifestyle. It also makes a good impression on people about you. That’s why you need a professional interior designer to decorate your room, business place or office cabin.

A well-known and experienced interior designer firm gives their best effort to decorate your room. Your room looks more beautiful and attractive with their magic touch. They provide the best service to make your home beautiful. They are experts in their work.

Home is a dream to every person. They pay lots of money and also give time to build their own house. But they can make it more beautiful with the help of a well-known and experienced interior designer firm. Decorating the home properly or designing it as per the shape and colour of the rooms is not an easy task. Only professional interior designers can do this. Here are some benefits of hiring an interior designer firm.

  1. Firstly, they save your money and time both. They know well what kind of painting suits in your room, what kind of furniture make your room attractive and beautiful. If you try to do this, maybe you had to pay lots of money for this. Because you are not an expert in this job but they are. They advise you what kind of furniture and colours suit in your room and it will absolutely fit in your budget. 
  2. Hiring an interior designer firm means you get a team of expert and professional adviser to make your room lively and attractive.
  3. Interior designing is an important part of your home. Your home is incomplete without beautiful and proper interior design. Only good and professional interior designer can make your room look attractive. Their interior design gives your room a new look. You are appreciated by people for your amazing home interior.

Final Thoughts

These are some advantages in choosing an expert interior designer firm. If you want to make your room attractive and beautiful, choosing an expert interior designer firm will be the best option for you.

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Published on October 10 2019

The interior design of your house is very important for your living. Many people don’t contemplate much before choosing an interior designer. Well, this is a big mistake as the interior decoration of your home does play a key role in the lives of your family members. In this regard, you should be very careful while choosing the interior decorator which can create an award winning interior design of your house. If you still don’t agree with choosing the right interior decorator then here are some of the things that might change your mind.

Ensuring the Best Design

Creating a compelling interior design of your house requires a lot of creative thinking and knowledge. Now, if an interior designer does not have enough experience then he or she may not be able to create such a compelling design. Moreover, you may not get the kind of decoration you want to your house. Only an experienced and knowledgeable interior can create an award winning interior design for your house. That is why you have to contemplate hard before you choose an interior designer. Otherwise, you may not get what you are looking for.

Creating the Best Place for Living

When you are working with an interior designer, you would want to make your home the best place for living. Now, a good interior designer knows how to do it. However, if you pick any random person without watching the portfolio then you might not be able to find what you are looking for ultimately. An experienced interior designer will have the capacity to make your house the best place for living with his or her award winning interior design. Therefore, choosing the best interior decorator becomes a must.

Final Thoughts

Finally, if you want you create an award winning interior design for the interior part of your house then you have to consult with an expert interior designer. Otherwise, it will become very difficult for you to achieve that. Only an experienced and knowledgeable interior designer can provide such outstanding works.

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Published on October 7 2019

A beautifully decorated interior is one that is not a single, but a combination of elements. Such a design has a three-dimensional quality of its own. It is a vista, and a mood, a spatial character, and a feeling, all rolled together. In that, it is quite like an artwork. Iconic designers from whom some of the best interior design ideas came would agree. They see design as an art as multifaceted as any. So, they draw inspirations from around them and infuse them in their work to create swoon-worthy designs. But in all these magazine centerfold grade designs, you will see that a designer follows three basic principles. Let’s find out what those are:


Every space has a personality of its own. It is the job of a designer to embolden that personality, improve or downplay it, depending on the needs of the project. What a stellar designer does is integrate personal elements of the homeowners into the design to make it feel more personal and intimate. When they look at the design, they see their initials everywhere, from the choice of the vases on the table to the pillows and pincushions.


A spectacular HDB interior design always has great functions. The designers strictly follow this principle to make a design both appealing to the eye and satisfactory to the needs. Element by element, they introduce functionality in everything making the design as supremely functional as possible.


The third principle that guides a good designer is the mood or the feeling that a room exudes. The mood is a combination of multiple factors like style, color, texture, fixture, etc. A good designer spends a lot of though and energy into this making sure that the mood resonates with the personalities of the homeowners.  

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Published on November 15 2018

Various individuals feel that to have a wonderful home means having a major house. But this is not valid. Keep in mind, the size of the house does not matter, what matter is the maintenance of the house. The way you deal with you house effects, the way you have decorated is matter. If you need to live in a lovely and stylish home, all you require is a little creativity and heaps of interior design ideas.

Best Interior Design Ideas
Best Interior Design Ideas

Each interior has a selective characteristic appended to it, much the same as a characteristic open-air space like a forest. You can see loads of textures in it and every one of these components creates a restrictive visual to give a comparing impact on the human mind. That is why the interior design ideas that you pick ought to have textures to create ponders in interior design.

What's more, there are a plenty of organizations that give the interior design to you and obviously, you ought to pick the best one. Choosing the best designer is not an overwhelming assignment, you just need to know their notoriety in handling this activity. You can disclose to them what you need and they can give you the best arrangements. They can encourage you in getting the best and with them, you can without much of a stress get what you need. They can make your dream come true and the theme in your room so you can get the best that can fit,

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